Student Testimonials



March 2016

I only attended for the 3rd-5th grades, 20+ years ago, but still have positive, wholesome memories. I remember having fun, taking trips…and that you guys had a very good model for formative education. Keep up the good work. I will enjoy stopping by when I’m back in The Queen City

Robert Vaughn

May 25, 2009

For over a decade, Brisbane Academy served as an integral component of my academic and personal growth. I was first introduced to Brisbane Tutoring Center in 1992 as a second grader. It was at this center of
learning, where my improvement as a young student of mathematics began. My increased confidence in my approach to math was a product of the personal attention that I was fortunate enough to receive. Brisbane’s small class sizes also provided for an advantageous learning opportunity.

Not overlooked, are the mentoring skills and examples of leadership that I was presented with while attending Brisbane. Geraldine Brisbane Crooks and the staff of Brisbane academy has provided numerous young students with a caring atmosphere that I would describe as unparalleled in the Charlotte area. The school is not just an academic institution; it is an institution where students are expected to learn how to become young adults by respecting their classes, peers, and mentors.

I earned my high school diploma from Brisbane Academy in 2002. I continue to view my experiences at Brisbane as those that helped me become the person I am today, hard working, committed, and determined; all of which are qualities that embody the spirit of the institution itself.

Gerald Jones

Parent Testimonials

October 2015

What an awesome job you all have done with my child and my grandchildren. The staff is wonderful! Because of you, my children are well rounded and more focused on the importance of education and basic life skills. My daughter is business minded and moving towards success as a entrepreneur. Her business is showing consistent growth and that is not surprising due to her background and the foundation received at Brisbane Academy. Even though my children and grandchildren are facing challenges they are thriving in their current environments because of the nurturing and academic support from your dedicated instructors. They are more confident and strive to do better. We are confident they will not fail. Thanks a million.

Sincere regards, Mr. & Mrs. Hardy

October 2015

I have been involved with Brisbane Academy school in many ways over the past 8 years through helping the students, professional development for the staff and ongoing support for the administrators. …The results from everyone working together for the students is in the high quality of education that the students receive.

Brisbane Academy continues to have a great and lasting impact on the community. The positive atmosphere and culture that you can “feel” when you walk in the door is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It starts with the polite and respectful students and on to the caring staff towards everyone.

It is my hope to continue to support this amazing academy and give, a needed, any help that I can as a proud member of their Advisory Board.

Sincerely, Lori Dvorak, M.Ed

October 2015

My child talked about his experience from the time he got into the car until we got home. It made my heat smile to see him excited about learning and school again. He talked about all the things he planned to add to the school and the rips he has planned. (LOL) He was truly excited. He’s staying up late to talk to his dad about his experience.

Thanks for the opportunity – Mrs. Howard

October 2015

To all the wonderful staff at Brisbane Academy, I wish to extend a sincere thank you to each and every one of you for all you did to assist my son, Justin, during a very difficult and challenging time in his life.

You all went out of your way to welcome Justine and assist him in completing his high school graduation requirements. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your patience and understanding.

You are a blessing to all who come to you.

Respectfully, Beth Caber and Justin

May 2015

Our family has a personal testimony on how your school made a positive difference in the life of our daughter, Charise, who attended Brisbane Academy from Kindergarten to 6th grades. Brisbane provided a strong foundation of education with a safe and nurturing environment. We know for a fact that your school prepared Charise for a successful future. She attended Spelman College at 16 and had four extraordinary years in leadership positions. …She plans to return to Charlotte in May of 2016 to practice transactional law (mergers and acquisitions. What better success story can one share about Brisbane Academy?…Your work is second to none.

We will be forever grateful for ALL that Brisbane Academy did to educate and shape our daughter. There is a direct link to the work of Brisbane Academy…and the young woman Charise is today.

Most Sincerely, Ms. Charlene Price-Patterson


Our family has been associated with Brisbane Academy for over 20 years. Our oldest son initially continued his education there and , as his parents, we experienced a child that not only blossomed educationally, but also socially made connections that elevated his level of confidence. …we enrolled our youngest child in Brisbane Academy. His teacher quickly realized that he was in of additional assistance and she worked diligently with him after school and on weekends. He became phonetically sound and strong and as a result, graduated high school in The National Honor Society and college with honors.

Brisbane Academy has been a catalyst for renewal in the lives of our children and, therefore, as parents, we will forever be eternally grateful. The hands on experiences allowed our children to master skills that became instrumental in their educational journey. The impact in the community was and still is tremendous…Its name is synonymous with excellence in education, passionate staff, creativity in learning, and an all-around amazing educational experience. We will remain connected with Brisbane Academy, as they are relentless in their pursuit of excellence and their passion for each and every child to become successful. Their arms spread wide and their heart extends to the parents and the community.

Thanks so much, Bobby and Elsie Henderson

May 2015

This is my note of sincere support for Brisbane Academy. Our family has a personal testimony of how your school made a positive difference in the life of our daughter, Charise.

She attended Brisbane Academy from kindergarten to 6th grade. She started school one year early (age four) and skipped fourth grade.

Brisbane Academy provided a strong foundation of education with a safe and nurturing environment. We know for a fact that your school prepared Charise for a successful future. She attended Spelman College at at 16 and had four extraordinary years in leadership positions.

After college, Charise taught for two years in Los Angeles, California, and is now in her second year of law school at the University of Southern California. She plans to return to Charlotte in May of 2016 to practice transactional law (mergers and acquisitions). That means she will be a tax-paying legal professional who will also give back to her community. What better success story can one share about Brisbane Academy?

There are way too many positive traits to list, but we know that you have a track record of success for countless children. Your graduation and college admission rates are high because of your dedication. Your work is second to none.

We will be forever grateful for ALL that Brisbane Academy did to educate and shape our daughter.   There is a direct link to the work of Brisbane Academy … and the young woman Charise is today.

Most Sincerely, Ms. Charlene Price-Patterson

May 2014

My wife and I are writing this to inform you how pleased we are of the positive influence that Brisbane Academy (teachers and staff) have had on our son David this 2013 – 2014 school term.

Until we enrolled David at Brisbane Academy, David had academic problems and was struggling just to maintain passing grades. Now he has a B grade average at the end of 3rd quarter.

My wife and I believe that the changes in David’s academic growth and social development are due to the outstanding teachers and staff at Brisbane Academy. Their caring attitudes and professional academic expertise are superlative and are to be commended.

Please thank Mr. Mack, Ms. Bradley, and Mrs. B. Davis for everything they have done for our son.

We would also like to thank you, Dean Davis, and the Executive Director and Founding Director (Mr. Christopher Crooks and Mrs. Geraldine Crooks) for having such a profound vision for Brisbane Academy, for creating and maintaining an exemplary academic and social environment at this school.

Thank you Brisbane Academy Preparatory School for you are truly “Building Strong Foundations for Successful Futures.”

Sincerely, Bob and Marilyn Holloway

July 2012

Posted on GreatSchools.com

Brisbane Academy is such a phenomenal school! My daughter & I cried together so many days at her other private school. I prayed so many days about how to help her. Brisbane has been the answer to those prayers! My daughter loved it immediately & now actually loves school. She’s so excited about entering … Read more HS now & we owe that to the professional, caring, family of Brisbane Prep. I recently cried again but this time they were tears of joy. Thank you, Brisbane Family!!

Submitted by a parent on GreatSchools.com

January 2010

Thank you Brisbane Academy! My grandson, a 8th grade student, enrolled in your school during the early part of the 2009-2010 school year. For several years prior, he felt anxiety about his academic work and about the school environment, in general. My grandson has always been kind, respectful and quiet but not shy. Yet, on several occasions he became the target of teasing and bullying by a few of his classmates. My grandson did not always feel emotionally safe and supported in school, but he would try to keep his head up and do the best that he could.

Since enrolling in Brisbane Academy my grandson has become much happier and excited about the school. His confidence level has increased dramatically and his academic performance has improved in all subject areas. We owe this improvement to the excellent teaching, care and concern of the teachers and staff at Brisbane. The small class sizes and the safe and supportive environment at Brisbane are exactly what my grandson needs to restore his self-confidence. His parents made an excellent decision when choosing Brisbane Academy. Again, thank you very much for all the things you do to help my grandson thrive and excel. Keep up the good work!

Martha M. Davis

2012-2013 School Year

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Crooks:

We are writing to express our gratitude for the extra time and attention you’ve afforded our son Chandler this year. Words cannot express how much of a blessing you and the Brisbane Academy Staff have been to our family.
We truly felt our hands were tied last year when we met with Chandler’s former school. The situation looked so dim to us. We knew in our hearts that Chandler could do the work but no one cared enough to push him. I began to pray over the issue and God sent us a true angel. When I sat down to talk to you about Chandler and our situation, I immediately felt the love and care that you so unconditionally have for children. I knew we would have to make a lot of sacrifices financially to attend and that scared us a bit. Today I can truly say that when he comes home and wants to read to me I count it as a blessing! That was never the case before, so our sacrifices seems so minute to the reward of seeing our child’s new interests in learning. Chandler ’s grades have improved markedly over the past few months. We have also noticed that he now approaches his math homework more confidently. THANK YOU!!
Thank you for affording us the blessing of Chandler being a part of your Brisbane Family.

Sincerely, Bawanna and Anthony Cannon


Dear Mrs. Brisbane Crooks:

What does it say about an educator when your son says “I want to do my very best so I do not disappoint Ms. Brisbane”. Oh my…… what a tribute to you and your school to instill that type of attitude in our son. Kevin has not been motivated in academics since entering the CMS school system in the 9th grade. Since enrolling in your school in October we have seen a remarkable change in Kevin:

· He has a renewed interest in excelling in education in order to be given the Opportunity to attend a desirable university
· His overall attitude towards his future has been brightened
· We no longer have to face the conflicts with Kevin to complete his
homework and other school responsibilities. He has become self motivated.

We thank you and the academy for giving Kevin the avenues he has needed to succeed. It is rare to find such a wonderful school to fit the needs of your students. We will work with you in your fund raising efforts and any other needs you may have to ensure Brisbane Academy continues to flourish and grow. There are so many students that need the education and genuine caring that your school has to offer.

Very sincerely,
Chris and Debbie Cawley


Wow. Brisbane Academy has been such a blessing. My teenage daughter was struggling academically and socially in a larger public school. I was stressed out and losing sleep because I didn’t know which way to turn…nothing seemed to be working for her. After visiting the school and meeting the directors and staff, I knew it would be a good fit. I didn’t imagine that my daughter would transition so easily. She has experienced a complete turnaround and I attribute it all to Brisbane Academy. It’s truly one of the best kept secrets in Charlotte. My daughter loves it there and is excited about going to school again. I love it because I know she’s in great hands and is now experiencing a quality and enriching educational experience. I have already recommended Brisbane to several friends and neighbors.

Submitted by a parent on GreatSchools.com


I have two daughters, who have either separately or together attended Brisbane over the last 11 years. It has been a wonderful experience! My daughters have received a great educational foundation, gained confidence in their abilities and found an extended family. I would highly recommend Brisbane Academy because they add truth to the statement “it takes a village to raise a child”.

Felicia Broadnax

Brisbane has experienced over 16 years of success in offering something a little different than what you might find in the public school system…smaller class sizes, one-to-one academic focus, and a nurturing environment that is focused on every student experiencing success in education that help them to create a love for learning.

Submitted by a parent on GreatSchools.com

My son attended Brisbane Academy for Algebra I during the summer of 2006. He received individualized instruction which was possible because of the teacher/student ratio. This was a family atmosphere and my son enjoyed the atmosphere even though it was a summer class. He loved going to class and even wanted to attend the second session! Thanks, Brisbane.

Submitted by a parent on GreatSchools.com